#17. Do sleep 8-10 hours a day without guilt!

It’s a common misconception that we should sacrifice our sleep to get ahead in life. As per studies, anyone above 18+ years should at least sleep 7 hours a day. And, the number goes up if you are below 18 years. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and it is a must to spend at least 30% of the 24 hours in sleep. This post will discuss the merits of good sleeping habits.

Sleep consolidates our thoughts. Without it, we cannot make interconnections. One cannot translate the advantage of one area to other areas. For example, you go to a shop to buy sugar. In the same shop, you see a 70% discount on salt. If you have slept well, you will realise the huge discount and buy a salt pack along with sugar. On contrary, a sleep-starved person might find it difficult to connect the information and buy only sugar at the shop. This is a simple example to explain how the brain connects things in real life. When we are sleeping, all inputs are gathered in one place, then sorted as per our needs. In a nutshell, sleeping time helps to organise things inside our brain.

The function of a sleeping time is similar to a warehouse operation manager. First, let us understand the function of a warehouse and its operating manager in detail. The main duty of a warehouse manager is to protect all the received items inside the warehouse. The manager will do a planogram for all possible receivables. Then, materials are sorted and taken to the assigned storage location inside the warehouse as per the planogram. The whole process helps the inventory management and saves time for loading/unloading of the materials. Likewise, while sleeping, the brain processes all the data received through the senses. Then, the processed data is stored in relevant memory chambers–fun, challenge, work, love etc. When the right time comes, the brain quickly takes out the processed data from the memory chamber and passes it on to you. So, it is important to give sufficient time to the brain to keep things organised.

We call few people “absent-minded”. In other words, they are physically present but mentally absent. Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of absent-mindedness. Sleep insufficient can also cause physical problems. When you intake so many inputs and ask the brain to process all those inputs within a limited sleeping time, the system will fail. Sometimes, it may not be seen at the initial stages but it is heading in the negative direction and can burst anytime soon. For this reason, you should always sleep 8-10 hours. In the remaining 16 hours window, spend 6 hours on eating and hygiene. you are left with the remaining 10 hours; this is your productive time. Whatever you wish to achieve, you try to limit within this time.

Sleeping for 8-10 hours will not create hurdles in life. For example, I have been sleeping for at least 8 hours from the time I have known. When I was in school, I excelled in studies and sports; I also, participated in all possible extra-curricular activities. I have my master’s degree from one of the top B-schools in the country. I don’t think I could have achieved more than what I had done. So, sleeping for 8-10 hours cannot be a reason for failure.

Overall, sleep at least 8-10 hours a day without guilt. Don’t compromise on your sleeping hours. Improve your vision, methods, and timelines to have a successful life.

Thanks for reading the full article. I wish you to have good sleeping hours daily. In the upcoming article, I will talk about the quality of sleep. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments section!

Published by Portgas D. V

I am a self-motivated person who likes to explore different themes of lifestyle. In the process, I enjoy guiding my inner psychic energy for the betterment of self. When I am free, I would like to read and listen. My long term goal is to become a good writer.

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