#1. Journey Begins: I finally started a blog!

After year-long procrastination, I have managed to summon the courage to type my first post. Ufff! It’s like, I always have worthy content flowing inside my mind; yet, struggle to transmute those thoughts into words. I feel light when I type, such a relief!

It all started in April 2020 when the whole world was locked down due to COVID 19. I found enough time to think about what I need to do now and in the future. I laid out all the pending plans which I ought to achieve as part of my life’s journey. Frankly, it was a laundry list; I was surprised to know I had these many thoughts flowing inside my mind. But, I felt happy as I now have got a direction to work with for the rest of my life. One of the wishes I had was to write a blog and keep track of all the things I do. Last year, around the present month (May 2020), I had bought a domain and hosting platform, yet I didn’t do any work for a year. As you read, it took me a complete year and a month to give life to my blog. Yesterday, I received an email stating that your domain will expire soon. This warning rang a heavy bell inside my mind that I have been delaying without taking any action.

So, this year, I have planned to write posts regularly with a goal of 100 posts before the end of 2021. What should I write about? As I have already mentioned, I have many thoughts running inside my mind and would like to give some shape to it. By shape, I mean, I would like to bring those thoughts into live-action and check their progress. “Flows Through” blog helps me record the action/activities I do to progress my ideas.

Thank you for reading the full article. In the next post “COVID n Curiosity“, I will explain a bit about myself and my thoughts. Till then, see you!

Published by Portgas D. V

I am a self-motivated person who likes to explore different themes of lifestyle. In the process, I enjoy guiding my inner psychic energy for the betterment of self. When I am free, I would like to read and listen. My long term goal is to become a good writer.

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