#5. Prioritize Time, Money and Energy to achieve your goals!

In the post “11 thoughts to 11 goals“, we have seen a laundry list of 11 goals that I intend to chase in my lifetime. As a next step, we should look into the action plan to achieve each goal. Without a defined plan, a goal will always remain as a thought. Even if we don’t have a complete action plan to achieve the desired result, we should at least have a plan for the next step.

One may wonder why I should strive to achieve so many goals; instead, I should focus on a few specific goals. While the point of view holds for the short-term, it may not be effective for the long term. The idea behind listing all the goals is to give shape to the thoughts. These thoughts are formed by life’s experiences.

For example, when I was 8 years old, I saw a foreigner; this was my first exposure to someone outside my native race. Since then, I wondered about different kinds of human races and their cultures.

Eventually, a wish or a thought appeared in my mind that I would like to interact with people from all over the world. Now, it is in my hands to convert this thought into reality. If I don’t fulfil the thought, I will forever regret not accomplishing it. This is the reason why I have listed out all the possible thoughts in my mind. I agree the list seems ambitious but I have my whole life to fulfil the goals. Additionally, my happiness quotient will also increase as I move forward in each goal. The journey itself will give joy as these thoughts form the crux of what I want to do with my life!

As explained in the last paragraph, one should aspire to live life to the fullest by trying to convert their thoughts into reality; in the process, one will achieve fulfilment.

To achieve fulfilment, one should manage 3 things effectively: time, energy, and money.

Time is the most important asset available to everyone in the world without any inequality. Despite its availability, most of us are inclined to procrastinate. The utilisation of time is the key factor to take action. For example, instead of watching a movie on Netflix, I should utilise the same time writing content for my website.

Next, money is the crucial resource to get any dreams fulfilled. Steps taken to achieve a goal cost money, and one should generate enough money to get it going. For example, I cannot own land if I don’t have at least a savings of 5 years. So, I should not focus on the details of acquiring land now. My present task is to save a fixed amount of money each month until I accumulate the desired money. As the time comes nearby, I should focus on the intricacies of buying good land.

Finally, you should be physically and mentally fit to carry out the task at hand. So, energy plays a key role when taking an action. For example, if you are down with a fever for a week, it is a loss of productivity for more than a week. Out of the 3 resources, energy is the fundamental resource without which you cannot do any action or realise the desired benefit of action. So, we should make sure we are in a healthy state; it is the utmost priority. I have given the brief about all the important resources to take action in any work.

Now, let’s evaluate my 11 goals and bracket them into 3 phases: Phase 1 goals, Phase 2 goals, and Phase 3 goals.

Phase 1 goals are goals that involve daily/weekly action from our side; we can manage them with our income without taking any money from our savings. For example, out of my 11 goals, 5 goals fall under phase 1: creating a website, studying for a PhD, learning history, maintaining a healthy body, and starting a YouTube channel. In these 5 goals, each step forward costs less money but requires plenty of time. Therefore, one should classify phase 1 goals as their priority list as they have enough resources to take action at the present moment. In total, everyone should prioritise phase 1 goals over other goals.

Moving on, we shall understand about phase 2 goals. These goals need sufficient money or knowledge to take the next big step. They require time, and we must save our resources efficiently until the time. For instance, my goals like stock market investment, buying land and travel to other countries come under phase 2 goals. One should not rush to achieve phase 2 goals immediately. Instead, one should save enough money to fulfil the criteria for the next big step in each of the phase 2 goals; and, track their progress once in a quarter.

At last, we have phase 3 goals which involve the high investment of money and time. Usually, these goals are the result of phase 1 and phase 2 goals. For example, you cannot become a professor unless you have earned a PhD or gained many years of industry experience. Similarly, unless I have years of blogging experience in English writing, I cannot become a popular writer as English is my second language.

Likewise, only by increasing the long-term assets like stocks and real estate, one can become financially free.

As explained, the goals in phase 3 are dependent on phase 1 and phase 2 goals. In my case, earning a PhD, being a successful blogger, and mastering the investment are either phase 1 or phase 2 goals. Travelling the world will also be part of the phase 3 goal as it is the accumulation of visits to different countries mentioned in the phase 2 goal. However, I would like to treat the goal at a country level. So, I kept it as a phase 2 goal.

In summary, you should prioritise your goals/thoughts based on time, money, and energy. Once it is done, focus on phase 1 goals followed by phase 2 and phase 3 goals. This is the easiest way to be on the right track to reach your goals.

Thanks for reading the full article. I believe you have got an idea about how to structure your action plan to reach your goals. In the upcoming posts, I will shed some light on why I have chosen each goal and what’s the story behind it. Till then, see you!

Published by Portgas D. V

I am a self-motivated person who likes to explore different themes of lifestyle. In the process, I enjoy guiding my inner psychic energy for the betterment of self. When I am free, I would like to read and listen. My long term goal is to become a good writer.

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