#13. Choosing PhD location: Why do I prefer Europe?

As some of you might know, one of my 11 long-term goals is to complete a PhD degree from a reputed university. I have a dedicated PhD blog that talks about the information I know about PhD. While I have already explained who should study for a PhD, I am yet to discuss where one should do a PhD. In this post, let us deep-dive into my decision-making process to arrive at the location and why it could help to progress my few other goals.

When you are working on many goals, it is important to interconnect few goals so that progress in one goal will be progress in few other goals as well. In my case, for example, if I study for a PhD degree outside my home country, it opens up doors for international travel. I get to live in a country for 5 years; I can also travel to neighbouring countries. So, when I am progressing in getting a PhD degree, simultaneously I will achieve progress in my world travel goal.

Since location plays a vital role, I should pay attention to where I plan to do my PhD. The location should have reputed universities and give travel opportunities. If I choose the best university by only academic standards, it will not give enough opportunities outside the college campus. So, I should choose the best universities in the top tourist countries. After doing a bit of research, I decided to do my PhD from Europe with preferences to the following countries: Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.

Europe is well-known for both travel and studies. Countries like Spain and Italy have rich history and heritage. If I get the PhD admission from Spain or Italy, I can also develop my practical knowledge over history as these countries play a significant role in the early European era. Geographically, these countries are small or intermediate in size when compared to other countries of the world. This is an advantage as it provides easy access to neighbouring countries. For example, I can travel from Spain to Portugal within a short time which could be an inter-state travel distance in larger countries.

Choosing my institution in Europe also creates opportunities to visit America and Africa. As we have many reputed universities in U.S.A and Canada, I can travel to these countries for research seminars or paper presentations. Africa borders with Europe near Italy and Spain, one can always stop at Morocco or Egypt during vacation. In a nutshell, countries like Spain, Italy and France are well-suited for 3 of my goals: getting a PhD degree, travelling the world, and learning history. So, I would prefer to get my PhD admission in any one of the above mentioned three countries. Of course, I have to put a big fight to get into one of the esteemed universities in these countries. My preparation is going on!

In summary, I prefer to study for my PhD in Spain, Italy or France as they provide a platform for learning, history, and travel.

Thank you for reading the full article. I have given you one of the strategies to link multiple goals. If you have any other suggestions, please comment below. Till the next post, see you!

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